Baltic Centre for Media Excellence is a hub for smart journalism in the Baltics, the countries of Eastern Partnership and beyond

Our mission

We promote professional growth, media intelligence and critical thinking and strive for positive change in journalism and communities it serves

What do we do

We deliver needs-based media training to editorial offices of independent nationwide and local media, gather intelligence on regional media trends and skills, as well as research media audiences with a focus on those most vulnerable to propaganda messages

  • We work individually with Newsrooms, fine-tuning each workshop or consultancy to their particular requests and ambitions, but also bring them together for a conversation on pressing issues in today’s journalism, thereby contributing to building stronger journalistic community, a key element in societal resilience.

  • We work with media audiences, too, equipping them with user-friendly tools for critical and constructive media consumption and informed media production. Our experts and trainers are internationally renowned professionals whom we are proud to work with.

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