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Data visualization and information design: mind the difference

Can you tell which of the following images is data visualization, and which is information design?


We oftentimes mix data visualization with infographics, as it would be the same thing and it is a pitfall that creates misunderstandings. In a nutshell, data visualization represents one data set in a visual way – the data tells it all. Whereas infographics and information design use more than one data set, stand-alone figures and schemes expressing an idea.

If you seek to create an infographic, it is not enough to use simple charting tools. Take a look at tools like Infogram, Piktochart, Venngage, Easily. They are the easiest way for creating an infographic for online use, as they usually charge for downloading.

If you need a quick way to have an infographic as an image, I suggest using Powerpoint or Keynote and tell it all in one slide.

If you seek to visualize your data, tools as Datawrapper, Tableau and Highcharts do the job best.

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